Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Going out to Trulucks tonight. Their food is so good, I can't wait to go & try out some new stuff.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Best Way To Clean Up Cat Messes! I use Nature's Miracle. It's the best cleaner I've found that has a neutral smell. It's best to buy a big gallon bottle (cheaper) and pour it into little spray bottles to distribute around the house. If your like me, you will always place one bottle somewhere & look for it everywhere. If it's cat puke, pick up the big chunks or hairball with a napkin. Then try to soak up a bit of the dampness with a paper towel & press down, don't rub up & down. Then spray the area so it soaks all the way down past the carpet fibers. Press down with a new paper towel & then spray again & wait awhile for it to really soak in. Come back to it & it may be dried up so I just spray again & wipe down the area. If you rub the fibers up & down, my light beige carpet ends up being a slightly different color than the rest of the carpet from far away. Blot, blot blot! Nature's Miracle is my all around house cleaner for stains & cat messes.

My Cats Favorite Wet Food........

Nutro Natural Pouches
Wellness Turkey
Purina chicken & rice
Solid Gold tuna cans

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